Strawberry & Banana Smoothie / Puree with Rolled Oat Flakes [7m+] , Toddler & Family


I made this for Baby C for his afternoon snack today. He was dipping it with his #numnuminc spoon and as usual I helped him to aim for his mouth instead of me! 😂
Made one portion in a reusable pouch for toddler J as well.

Instant rolled oat flakes are the same as rolled oats just much thinner and dissolve within seconds! I add them to Constantin’s purees and our energy drinks / smoothies a lot. 


5 large frozen strawberries (slightly defrosted)
1 large very ripe banana
2 heaps of tbsp of instant rolled oat flakes.


Blend everything together until you’ve reached your desired consistency and serve chilled. 😋

Kat xx


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